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Hello everybody,

End of the semester is around the corner and it is about time to write my final post. I need to admit it was a fun ride, sharing my experiences in different restaurants with you. I feel bad for not having more time to explore more places and share it. I hope I proved that Blagoevgrad is not as limited when it comes to food, as we think it is.

As I mentioned in the first post, at first I was bit skeptical and concerned about my first steps in blogging, but looking back from today I need to admit it was fun! I learned a lot and it indeed was a nice experience. Best part about the class was learning how to use different tools, programs, apps, which I am 100 percent sure I will find useful in the future! Also I need to thank to my professor Melody Gilbert, who was inspiring and super helpful throughout the whole semester, she helped all of us to pick unique and interesting topics for our blogs, and taught us everything about blogging world.

Ok, I will start wrapping it up, the journey was long so lets start from the very beginning.


First post was introduction, where I wrote my intentions about the blog and we got introduced to Soundcloud and Audacity.


The second post was an interview with librarian Maria Pencheva, where she shared her favorite places to dine out with us.

DSC_8392Later was an interview with Mark Waterhouse, about Raffy Bar & Gelato Blagoevgrad and his future plans, where for the first time he talked about Mark’s Guerrilla Kitchen. Also it was the first time I included pictures I took in the post.


Post about PolCa remains as my favorite. Liz was welcoming and open talking about quality and products they offer. Pictures came out nice and I was really happy with the result.

In the middle of posts we always had something new to learn, such as YouTube editor, when we had fun assignment during the class time to find, shoot and edit a video in limited time. You can see the result here.


In the end of February I visited Pizza Napoli with my friends. My friends enjoyed the dinner and I enjoyed the writing about it. It was getting more and more exciting and I could feel I was getting involved more over time. I was getting passionate about blogging, nice pictures and of course food!

Then the mid-term post! Such a challenge! Finding a story, writing, editing, pictures, polls, everything combined! And in limited time! I passed the challenge and I was satisfied with the result, I even felt the adrenaline when I was getting close to the deadline!


Of course at some point I had to review Prego. Our most loved and hated place at the same time. That is the post I like the least because there is nothing exciting about it.

Next week we went to Frame. Pictures ended up nice, food was good as usual and it was a nice evening in general. Later in class we covered Storify and ThingLink, two really amazing tools to use. Highly recommended checking it out.

IMG_4910In second week of April, I went to Trezor. I basically rediscovered the place, because it has been a while since the last time I went there. We all really enjoyed the whole experience and we ended up going there few more times. Surprisingly pictures and video came out nice, even though I was using really bad camera.

Our dinner

Finally I went to Cardinal, since it’s my usual-to-go place, I decided I had to devote a blog post to it. Since after shooting the video camera died I had to take pictures with my iPhone and quality is not good, which I am sorry about, but the dinner was nice and the post is also worth checking out.

In the end I would like to thank everybody for following me on Twitter and Facebook, checking out my blog, writing comments and liking my posts. It was really giving me motivation. I really hope you enjoyed the FoodPornBlago as much as I did.

As part of my final video I decided to make a small vox-pop and ask people if they found it useful, and if I should keep going. Here are the result below:

Thank you again for the amazing semester 🙂


Hello everybody,

Next stop is Cardinal.

showimageCardinal is very nice, semi-traditional restaurant, located close by AUBG campus. They offer diverse menu, good quality food and outstanding service. Main dining area has bright colors and lights, while the backyard is chill, with a lovely fountain in the middle and it is decorated with different flowers and plants.

26Since the weather was nice and we wanted to dine outside, somewhere nearby campus, we decided to go to Cardinal. Backyard rarely gets crowded, there are not many students going there on a daily basis, its quiet, food is nice, they serve alcohol and all this makes it a nice short-term getaway close by Skapto.

Personally for me, Cardinal is the best place to get dinner around the campus, but often my friends disagree. Junior student from AUBG, Thomas Naglis, says that Cardinal is not his favorite place to go, even though he admits that food and service is much better compare to other places around.


I think quality is much better then most of the places in Blagoevgrad, and its a nice environment here. Though it’s not my favorite for sure, because I think it’s just like too Bulgarian, that’s one, and two, the music and the environment, even though it’s nice, you have to be 40 and Bulgarian to come here.

According to another Junior student from AUBG, Natasha Saginashvili, she always has good experience at Cardinal but it has its downside also:


It’s nice place to come sometimes but not everyday. It’s kind of different, people are usually not coming here, it’s cute and you can come with your friends chill and have nice dinner. But sometimes food is overwhelming, portions are big and heavy.

11178639_10153156263277211_153902955_nThat day Thomas ordered pork schnitzel Vienna style, with extra sauteed onions and he was happy with his choice. Since Natasha was on a “diet” she ended up ordering just a dessert, pancake “Cardinal” which comes with a fruit salad, whole banana, chocolate sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, just enough for a person on a strict diet :). I had chicken schnitzel garnished with pasta with yellow cheese and marinara sauce, which was tasty but not so much so I could finish the whole dish.

Overall, I would say that Cardinal is highly recommended because of its menu and cozy sitting, it is especially nice for gatherings.

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Hello everybody,

IMG_4840This weeks choice is restaurant Trezor. Trezor is located in the very center of the city, on Macedonia square, to be more precise it’s right behind the bank. Trezor is known for its wine selection and good kitchen.Restaurant offers indoor and outdoor sitting.

IMG_4847Outdoor sitting is the best choice for warm days, but since we arrived late evening we were bit chilly and decided to enjoy our meal inside. Indoor sitting is cozy, lights are dim, music is chill and playlist is not annoying, also the fish tank on the wall is definitely creating a calm atmosphere.

I love seafood and it for sure is a painful topic in Blago, I cannot trust many restaurants here with that, but after hearing only good feedback about Trezor, and after reading mouthwatering menu items, I decided to give it a try. No regrets.

IMG_4882For the first course we ordered bruschetta platter, it was a mixed plate: bruschettas with eggplants, pico de gallo, anchovy with romaine and ham with mozzarella. All three of us enjoyed it very much.

IMG_4897As the main dish we had couple of seafood risottos and mussels with cheese, white wine, olive and croutons. Yummy! I can swear it was the first time in Blagoevgrad I could actually feel the flavor of the seafood.

IMG_4912Seafood risotto was creamy, had plenty of shrimps, squid, imitation crab and it was topped with generous amount of cheese. Since everything was delicious, service was fast and we still had a bottle of wine to go, we decided to order desserts.

IMG_4932We got creme brulee, cheesecake with blueberries and chocolate souffle with a scoop of banana ice cream. All highly recommended except the cheesecake which was not really a cheesecake, just a crust topped with funny tasting cream. My dinner companions enjoyed their meals so much they ordered another round to go.


That is definitely a place to go, especially if you have never been there before it is worth checking out. Prices are just a little more then average Blago restaurants, but after a bottle of wine, appetizer, 3 main dishes, 3 desserts and 2 to-go meals the check was surprisingly low.  I need to mention that they accept cards.

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Here is the video with interviews:

Storify – What we learned during the class Vol. 2


Today I opened an account on Storify. It is a really cool website, which gathers all the links in world wide web. By just using few keywords you can find amazing thing! You can create stories in few minutes with the help of Storify. It is definitely going to my bookmarks.

First attempt to create a story was OK, you can see the result here > basically its all about Sushi, fun facts, how to make it and etiquette to eat.

Second story I made is about Locally Grown Produce, I tried to collect some interesting articles and videos saying why we need to choose healthy food and support locally grown produce.

Also I was introduced to ThingLink today. The purpose of ThingLink is to allow photos and other images to be made into web links, mainly for the purpose of advertising.

Here is the first result


And here is the link to ThingLink




Post this week is about Frame, my all time favorite restaurant in Blagoevgrad.

Frame is one of the restaurants located in downtown Blagoevgrad, they offer mixed menu with daily specials and additions. I think that Frame has the best best food in town and service is also exceptional. Since they have all the different dishes in the menu, starting with soups and yummy appetizers continued with home made pasta, sushi, variety of meat, and etc. it is always easy for me to find food I want.

Alina enjoying broccoli cream soup and hot rolls with salmon

It is considered, at least among AUBG community, as a fancy place, you go here for an occasion not just to eat

Says Alina Chebes, Senior student from AUBG. Alina does not like food in Blagoevgrad, but for her Frame is an exception.

During my studies here in Bulgaria, Frame remained as my favorite. I always enjoy going there with my friends, since beside food they also serve good quality alcoholic beverages and variety of beer, I can easily say that, Frame always have something to offer.

Thomas enjoying lasagna with chicken and mushrooms

According to Thomas Naglis, Junior student from AUBG, Frame offers amazing food, he shared the list of his favorite meals with us

I always enjoy cream soups here, even though they are filling and I am unable to eat anything after they are really good, I think they should have smaller portions, but that’s OK because its delicious, their sushi is really good and their pork dishes are delicious

Frame is two floor restaurant, with comfortable sitting on both floors, and they also offer outside sitting. Frame opened its doors in 2009 and since then they are remaining as one of the best restaurants in town. It is easy to notice that prices are bit higher then other other restaurant in Blagoevgrad, but quality is also much higher.

“Its slightly more expensive then an average Blagoevgrad restaurant, but the quality is much higher, and when it comes to price and a value its a good place to come.” says Thomas

Frame also offers special discount cards for AUBG students.

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And here you can see my first post on Storify about Sushi, fun facts, etiquette how to eat it, and how to make it:

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and here is the link to see the full story on Storify:

Prego – Next Door Restaurant


Today’s post is about Prego. Pizzeria Prego is located few steps away from AUBG campus, which makes it one of the most famous among AUBG students. It is not hard to say that Prego is part of AUBG daily life.

Picture from Prego Facebook page

Prego offers inside and outside sitting areas, as well as Nargile and Whiskey Bar downstairs. Menu selection is not limited, starting from soups and salads, they offer steaks, burgers, fish, sushi, pasta, pizza, etc. During the evening Prego is always packed, even though students are often complaining on long waiting time for food, it still stays as one of the favorites.

Prego is a good place, it’s close to skapto, and food is really nice

says AUBG student Giorgi Kantaria, who is a regular customer at Prego. He thinks that the Prego is a decent place to eat, if you are lazy to take a walk, since it can offer variety of food and menu is interesting. Another AUBG student Natali Saginashvili said that, her favorite thing about Prego is its friendly staff:

I love Prego Because of Vili, Vili is my favorite!

Picture from Prego Facebook page

Prego opened its doors in 2010, and it became a hot spot soon after. Even though it says Italian restaurant on their Facebook Page, I would say it’s mixed kitchen. Beside the printed menus, they offer daily specials and often they have menu updates.

Mostly people visit the resturant in groups. As AUBG student Lasha Goshadze says he enjoys the atmosphere and food at there:

I often go to Prego with my friends. They also enjoy the food and atmosphere

But in case, you don’t enjoy the atmosphere, loud music and you prefer dining in your dorm room, Prego offers delivery service for AUBGers with 5% discount.

You can watch the video here:

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It’s half way through the semester and it’s time to write a report. Though I am still a newbie in blogging and writing posts, I started enjoying. As you might know this blog is part of Multimedia Journalism Class at AUBG, taught  by Melody Gilbert. For further information about the blog and the author you can go to the first post.

Maria Pencheva (Picture from Facebook)

Lets start from very beginning. First post after the introduction was an Interview with the stranger, I got lucky and my interviewee, lady from library, was happy to share her favorite places and also in the interview she relieved her favorite food:

…I love Chinese food, sweet and sour chicken is my favorite…

Mark Waterhouse

The second interview was with local celebrity chef Mark Waterhouse, who back then was public relations and marketing manager of Raffy Bar and Gelato. We had a long conversation about Raffy, how and why it became to go place in such a short time, also we talked about the food quality, best sellers from the menu end etc. By the end of the interview he told us about his future plan, opening a takeaway – Mark’s Guerrilla Kitchen – next to AUBG campus:

“I am looking forward to reconnecting with everybody on a closer level”

I have to mention that I took all the pictures in the post, and it was the first time we edited and used double channel audio.

Liz Greeting Guests

Talking on takeaways, idea for the next post was born, our beloved PolCa. Just a short walk away from AUBG Campus, right on the way to University Main Building. Perfect place to grab a coffee and a sandwich. Liz (Co-owner) shared interesting facts in the interview and told us how they ended up in Blago:

“…So I guess we decided to take a journey back here and see whether it will work back in Bulgaria and decided to open our own place.”

In this post I started making slideshows, pictures again by me.

Later on we started shooting BBC style five shot videos, we started using different programs and tools, what got me even more interested in class, you can see the post here.


Then was Pizza Napoli. With a nice pictures, poll and audio interview I think it’s a really nice post, as well as a place to go. Here is a quote, and the reason why you need to go there, from the interview:

For me food is really nice at Napoli, it tastes like homemade and is different from any other restaurants in town, and they have really nice service.

Then we had a pretty challenging midterm post, which basically was, finding and covering a newsworthy story connected to our blog topic. We were supposed to write a story, take pictures, record and edit audio interview, make slideshow and optional poll. As I mentioned above it was challenging and stressful, but I think I handled it well and it gave me a good experience, working with the deadline  is a fun thing.As I have already mentioned, there is still half more semester to go, while I will try and explore more places, write more reviews, meet new people and accomplish more interesting tasks. Even though one might say Blago is a small town and there are not lot of options, I would disagree, and I will prove my point. Since the weather is getting better it gives me more opportunities, and it will help me keeping up with my promise to go and explore local restaurants in Bachinovo Park. Here you can watch a video about my blog:

Thank you and see you next week. Meanwhile do not forget to follow me on Twitter and like my Facebook page.